The sensitive, caring professionals at the Skinsational Laser Center can restore you with professional, caring hymen repair.


Laser Hymenoplasty, or hymen repair through reconstruction of the hymen, can restore the hymen as if sexual relations have never occurred.

At Skinsational in Providence RI and Boston, MA, Dr. Luciano and his staff are sensitive to the needs of women from all cultures that embrace these particular issues because of cultural, social, or religious reasons.

Hymenoplasty FAQ’s:

1. What is the hymen?

It’s a thin tissue membrane at the entrance of the vagina, usually perforated, that separates the vagina from the outside, or the vulvar area.


2. Are all the hymens the same?

No. There are many variations in the structure and shape of the hymenal membrane, but the membrane contains some fibrous tissue, blood vessels, and a pink coloured lining on the outside and in the inside.

3. What does the hymen look like?

At birth, females are born with the hymenal tissue that will assume different configurations later on in the adolescent life: crescentic, annular or round, redundant or fimbriated, septated, multiperforated, or imperforated.

hymen repair by Dr. Luciano and Skinsational of New England

4. What is the hymenal ring?

The center part of the hymenal membrane usually contains an opening. The inner aspect of this opening is somewhat round, and it is also known as the hymenal ring due to its shape; it looks like an opening or an orifice, measuring about 10mm vertically by 7-9mm transverse at rest, although such measurements do vary. The multiperforated and imperforated hymens do not have a central orifice, but those are very rare.

5. How does one identify a ruptured hymen?

By visualizing tear(s) in the hymenal ring by an experienced observer.

6. What makes the hymenal ring rupture or tear?

Vaginal intercourse or penetrating trauma through the hymenal ring.

7. Does the hymenal ring always tears or rupture following vaginal intercourse or mechanical trauma?

No. There are rare cases where the hymen has extra elastic fibers, and the hymenal ring may not rupture following vaginal intercourse or penetrating trauma.

8. Can the ruptured hymenal ring be repaired and subsequently bleed after vaginal intercourse?


9. Can the observer verify that a hymenal ring was operated on, or surgically repaired?

The tear(s) in the hymenal ring can be repaired to a point that an experienced observer, and even a surgeon, would not be able to verify that the hymen was operated on.

10. Who performs this type of surgery?

At our facility, Dr. Luciano Sztulman is a Board-Certified Gynecologic surgeon, very experienced in the field of cosmetic-gynecology, who he has performed a great deal of hymenoplasties. You are guaranteed to experience vaginal bleeding upon vaginal intercourse after the healing time following his hymenoplasty repair surgery.

11. Is Laser Hymenoplasty performed at your clinic?


12. What is the downtime and the postoperative care necessary?

After the procedure you will ambulate normally, and you should rest for the day. It is painless. Next day, you may bathe, drive, and resume your regular daily activities in moderation. Every case is different, and you will be counseled accordingly

13. Is Hymenoplasty covered by medical insurance?

Hymenoplasty is considered an elective procedure, and it is not covered by medical insurance.

14. Where are the procedures performed?

At our state-of- the-art, AAAHC Accredited surgery center in Swansea, MA. Free parking available.